Southern Area Instructors Association

The Ray Pantel Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize the SAIA member who demonstrates the qualities of dedication, leadership, cooperation, and service that were exemplified by one of the SAIA founding fathers, Ray Pantel.

The award will be presented annually to an active member of the SAIA Organization at the summer meeting.

The recipient must hold a position of Safety with a Cooperative, Vo-Tech, University or Statewide Association.

Criteria for consideration of the Ray Pantel Award:

  • Has the respect of fellow workers and SAIA members.
  • Has the confidence of employer.
  • Has a good technical understanding of their job.
  • Demonstrates the ability to act as a leader.
  • Demonstrates a consistent safety consciousness.
  • Demonstrates the willingness and ability to teach others.
  • Takes an active roll in community affairs.
  • Creates a good image of their employer.
  • Consistently strives for self-improvement.
  • Familiar with the policies and practices of the SAIA.
  • Demonstrates a high degree of competency in whatever the job may be.
Ray Pantel Holding a wooden plaque with many names on it.
Ray Pantel with Potthast Award

Previous Ray Pantel Award Recipients

2024 Greg Hambrick, OK
2023 Rusty Wannamaker, SC
2019 Robert Thornton, KY
2018 Wes Lee, MS
2017 Greg McKoy, GA
2016 Bill Graham, OK
2015 David White, KY
2014 Aarron Graham, LA
2013 Wade Hurst, OK
2012 Jason Saunders, AL
2011 Richard Randall, KY
2010 Doyle Totty, TN
2009 Clarance Greene, KY
2008 Larry Detwiler, KS
2007 Mike Weltzheimer, TX
2006 Eddie Black, KY
2005 Mike Bergeaux, LA
2004 Norman McDugle, OK
2003 Jim Wright, GA
2002 Danny Hayes, TN
2001 Ken Guffey, OK
2000 Buck Theriot, LA
1999 Guy Thompson, OK
1998 Stan Rucker, MS
1997 Ron Jones, AZ
1996 Joe Johnson, OK
1995 Harold Statts, OK
1994 Larry Baker, TX